ITV One today Wednesday 10th Sept 2014 between six and six thirty.

Local Hero Award Finalist
Pauline Woods is a finalist. Here’s her words, “I am delighted to announce that I am a Finalist in the ITV Pride of Britain Awards. I was filmed today on the Neonatal Unit. Thank you to Debby, Aileen (who changed her night shift) Heather for nominating me and to all the staff Debby Clarke, (who came in on her day off)who also nominated me and Dr. Andrea Beaton, Julie Mayes, Heather who nominated me, and Pippa for overseeing filming and to our lovely parents who with their precious babies were interviewed. This is a great honour, but without the support of my family and friends and my colleagues would not be possible. The interview will be shown on ITV One between Six and Six Thirty and again at Ten. For me a co founder of the charity over Thirty years ago it is very much a labour of love. Must not forget my lovely daughter Caroline for hair and Colleen and makeup. Keep your fingers crossed decision on Thursday. Thank you to everyone on the unit today. Thank you to Michael my children Patrick, Michelle Catherine and Caroline the reason behind what I do each day and lovely grandchildren, Connor, Alex and Chloe and my parents and twin brother and Tom..”