Personal Stories

The Girls were born at 30 weeks. Alex weighed 1.4k, Jess 1.2k and Ellie 600g.  Alex spent 8 weeks on the NNU Jess 10 weeks and Ellie came home after 5 months and 4 days with oxygen and a feeding tube.


I had a fairly normal pregnancy until I had some lower back pain. After we had been doing some house renovations I thought I had just done a bit too much. With pains overnight (turns out they were contractions) I went to hospital 7.30am and after efforts to delay the arrival he was born at 15.34 that afternoon.


Xander was born at St Thomas’ Hospital on 20th January 2018 at 31 weeks and weighed 2lbs 15ozs. He was transferred to Kingston Hospital on 30th January to be closer to our home. He initially dropped to just under a kilo (under 2lbs) but went home at 4lbs.

Laura & Dave

The care we received was truly holistic and bespoke to our circumstances, but also filled empathy and kindness, and real understanding. There is so much strength and depth of experience, but the unit is also small enough that you really get to know the individual team members.

Shelley and Marcus

Our 2nd daughter Aria was born at 33 weeks and spent a total of 56 days in Kingston NNU. I was in hospital for 7 days but when it came to leave our tiny bundle and go home this was extremely hard but I had every faith in the nurses and even though it was hard to leave our little girl there every night, we somewhat felt relief that she was being cared for by such a dedicated and loving team.

Michelle & Angus

The day arrived and it was decided Finley was going to be born by emergency C-Section at Kingston Hospital. From this moment onwards I genuinely believe that neither of us could have been in better hands. Finley was born weighing 3pounds 7ounces and was the most beautiful tiny baby I had ever seen.