Personal Stories

Personal Stories from the Neonatal Unit

Read some of the personal stories from the neonatal unit by parents, and how their newborn babies are being taken of with the help of Born Too Soon’s cause.

Our 2nd daughter Aria was born at 33 weeks and spent a total of 56 days in Kingston NNU. This was one of the most terrifying and emotional experience of our lives. I was in hospital for 7 days but when it came to leave our tiny bundle and go home this was extremely hard but…

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Having a baby really is one of the most exciting times of your life but for a large number of us sadly it isn’t all plain sailing.
Due to complications during my pregnancy we knew there was a strong possibility Finley would be born prematurely.

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Our little boy was in the unit after being born 5 weeks early

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My son, Aiden Rouart, was born at 27+3 weeks in July 2014. He weighed 2.6lb at birth but quickly dropped to 1.9lb. He had 6 blood transfusions, suffered a collapsed lung and sepsis, had a bleed on the brain at birth and a PDA that required treatment in the unit.

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After waking up in the middle of the night with my waters breaking, I went into labour at 33 weeks. After a quick labour, our son Henry arrived

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At 25+6 weeks, I was not prepared nor expecting to give birth but it happened. He weighed just 773g.  He was 32+2 weeks and still only 1.26kg …

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Being a new, young mother is scary in itself, but being a new, young mother to a baby you’ve had to have nearly 3 months early is an entirely different sort of scary, it’s petrifying. 

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My baby was born and at 36.6 days. She was born early because of my health condition. She was in Neonatal Unite for 2 weeks.

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Our triplet girls were transferred from St George’s hospital when they were two days old.

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After several years of struggling to get pregnant I found I was pregnant, we were over the moon, trying to keep it a secret was almost impossible; we were desperate to tell everyone! It was going to be the hardest secret to keep until we got to the twelve week scan and to ensure that all was well with the baby.

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