Parent’s Facilities

Areas within the Unit
The Unit has three main areas: Intensive Care, High Dependency Care and Low Dependency Care. We ask that you wash your hands each time that you, and also any visitors who may, visit your baby. If you need help at all during your time on the Unit, please ask a member of staff to arrange to see me (Pauline Woods, Patient Co-Ordinator).

Feeding your special baby
You will be given advice whether your choice is breastfeeding or bottle-feeding. Please refer to the Born Too Soon newsletter, which you will have been given. You should have received a new booklet called “The Best Fed Baby”. If you have not been given a copy, please ask for it.

Expressing Room
For those mothers who wish to breastfeed, we have a special area where they can express milk. You may hire a breast-pump; details are available from staff. We are also one of only thirteen hospitals in the United Kingdom who have a Milk Bank, where donated breastmilk is kept and can be given to your baby if you so wish. You will be given help with all aspects of breastfeeding.

Parents may visit at any time. Other family members and friends must visit between 3.00 pm and 8.00 pm. Only your own children may visit, due to the risk of infection. One parent must be present at all times when other family members or friends are visiting.

Parents Sitting / Interview Room
A quiet sitting room / interview room is now available for the exclusive use of parents or primary carer/s during their visits to the NNU. Please ask a member of staff to show you the location.

Facilities include a bathroom and TV. Please do not take other visitors into this room.

Mobile Phones
Mobile phones must not be used within the confines of the Unit. They must be switched off once you enter the hospital building as they will interfere wit h the delicate monitoring equipment caring for your baby and others on the Neonatal Unit.

There is a telephone situated just outside just outside Maternity reception. There are two more situated downstairs in the Ante-Natal Clinic. Direct Telephone Line information will only be given to parents.

The Chapel is on the fourth floor and is open until 8.00pm each day.

Costa Coffee can be found at the main entrance of the hospital where there is also a comfortable seating area. There is a League of Friends shop, just inside the main entrance of Bernard Meade Wing, where you can purchase chocolates, biscuits, magazines and papers. You can purchase flowers in the Restaurant.

Where to eat
Seasons Café and the Restaurant are situated a short walk from the Maternity Building, to the left as you exit the building.

These can be consumed in the parent room. Unfortunately, due to health & safety reasons, we cannot provide any food storage or preparation facilities. Please be mindful that food deteriorates very quickly indeed in the heat of the nurseries. Fresh sandwiches and snacks can be purchased from the various vending machines and shops throughout the hospital, and also from the restaurant.

Cold water and juice can be found adjacent to the Nurses’ station. Hot drinks from the trolley on Thameside Ward are provided free of charge (for parents only). These can be taken into the sitting room unless there are children present.

For safety reasons, children must not be left in the parent room without adult supervision.The Parents’ Room unavailability Please understand that due to our severe restrictions for space, this room will also be used for private discussions between parents and NNU staff, during which time alternative sitting and toilet facilities are available at Maternity reception.

We have a library of books and information on the Unit. There is no charge, all we ask is that you return the book when you have finished with it.

There is a parents toilet on the unit.